All Bespoke garments are hand cut and fitted by Delroy Smith. Handmade by Savile Row Tailors, using the same skills, techniques and stitches that have been practiced over hundreds of years.

The highest standard and quality is met and maintained by our tailoring artisans with a minimum of 10 to 68 years of experience.

The Process



During your consultation you will choose cloth from a wide range of Luxury fabrics from the very best cloth mills in England, Scotland and Italy. You will also be asked to choose the lining, style of suit and to be measured for the pattern to be drafted.


First Fitting

This appointment will consist of a plain baiste fitting.


Second Fitting

After the suit has been ripped, smoothed, recut and re-baisted the process is repeated for comfort and function.


Third Fitting

The garment will be finished, pressed and buttoned ready for a final try on, then ready to go home (Subject to customer and cutters approval).


Fourth Fitting

A fifth appointment is usually only needed for Morning Coats and Evening Tails.

By Appointment Only

Consultation and fitting currently done at Homes, Hotels, Office and Showrooms in and around Savile Row.